Skiing Mt Elbrus and around those parts

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Todd had a successful climb and ski off the summit of Mt Elbrus.  Now he is enjoying skiing couloirs in the area.

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Mt Elbrus Ski trip

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Todd is enjoying some great skiing as they acclimatize for Mt Elbrus.  They headed up the mountain now and will hope for a summit and good ski down tomorrow. 

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Sardengna Italy

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We are having a great trip here in Sardegna, Italy.  Todd is guiding Lillian on a rock climbing adventure here and Bodhi and I (Winslow) came over to join the fun.  It is so beautiful here with great limestone cliffs along the beach and mountain outcrops all around.  Lots of fun for all. more photos

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Packing for a ski trip: Ortler, Haute Route, or Ski Mt. Elbrus

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Todd just headed off for a fun filled spring guiding lots of ski trips in Europe.  First he is skiing backcountry from huts in Italy.  Then he will do two ski traverses on the Haute route going from Chamonix to Zermatt staying in high mountain huts along the way.  With a break from skiing he […]

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Carstensz Pyramid

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Helicopters are running for Carstensz if you are interested in a little faster option than the hiking all the way into the base. The trip can be done in 6 days and the cost is $21,000 per person for a group of 4 people. Time to rally. September and October months we have time to […]

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2015 at a glance

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2015 is shaping up to be a fun filled year. Here is a glance at what we have lined up this year. January – March We are in the beautiful Wastach enjoying some amazing powder. Love this last storm that was forcasted for 3 inches and delivered 2 feet. Call or email us to book […]

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It has been a wild ride!

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Once again it has been quite some time since our last post, in fact nearly a year!  Lot’s has happened in that time!  Shortly after we all returned home from Antarctica last year the skiing began.  Tim in La Grave and Todd and Winslow in Utah’s Wasatch.  The skiing was great and the guiding schedule […]

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ITCOG news

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What is going on with ITCOG guides?  Lots of news to share.  All three of us were in Antarctica November through January.  We had a great season down there climbing on Vinson, skiing to the South Pole, and Todd guided 3 new first ascents up some of Antartica’s unexplored peaks.  I also managed to get […]

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Winter 2013

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A friend recently told me that we should update our blog.  He said “if you don’t update it looks like your not working”.  Well I understand the reasoning..but that could not be further from the truth.  We just haven’t been able to find the time.  To be completely honest, writing a post is possibly the […]

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Antarctica 2012-13 season, A unique place on the planet

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WHY  we go to Antarctica? We feel extremely fortunate to be able to spend time in this inspiring and unique place on the planet.   In this day and age we often sense that everything has been explored on the planet, and to some degree this is true.  However as we look deeper we see […]

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