Why I recommend a family trip to Sardinia!

P1020644 P1020660 P1020711 P1020714 P1020719 P1020721I feel so fortunate to have been able to go to Sardinia with Bodhi to meet up with Todd for his rock climbing adventure with Lillian.  We had such a blast.  It was so nice to see him as he had been gone for a month guiding ski trips in Europe.

I absolutely loved this trip.  First of all the Italians are great.  They are so engaging and easy to befriend.  We stopped at a lake to have a run around and 3 Italian ladies showed up.  The older women sees Bodhi and runs over to give him a hug.  She plays with him and teaches him how to say thank you in Italian.  He then runs around the grass field saying “gracie” .  They invite us for a sit down and offer us lunch.  Another day we are at the beach and meet and mom and son there after a chat they say they are trying to learn English.  The 9 year old boy named Matia could speak pretty well so he helped his mom. He was so good to play hide and seek with Bodhi and teach me Italian correcting my pronunciation along the way.  His mom Daniella invited us to come stay with them in this beautiful home in town.  We were looking for a place to stay and her family had a B&B.  We drove down the narrow streets where the homes are straight up from the sidewalk, wall to wall, no green to be found.  When we enter the home we walk into a courtyard in the center with a beautiful garden and open sky.  The house is built around the yard.  So different from here.  Every room opens to the garden with patio dining upstairs and down.  Very clever.

The rock climbing in Sardinia is mostly sport climbing though there is some traditional and alpine climbing as well.  Several days we climbed on the beach in limestone caves.  It was so gorgeous with crystal clear waters.  Bodhi at 20 months old loved playing in the ocean and slept well on his nap bed in the shade with ocean waves crashing in the background.  The climbing was super fun.  Todd and Lillian also adventured inland a little hiking up canyons to find longer multipitch climbing, mixed sport and trad, with views of the ocean beyond.  One crag area had beach climbs and then a canyon heading inland with hundreds of climbs in it.  Another spots you hike down the coast and access multiple caves for exploring or climbing.

We stayed in a place right near the beach and walked everyday to play in the waves and sand discovering sea creatures like star fish, hermit crabs, sea anenomes and fish.  This is a great place for a family vacation with awesome climbing and exploring to be had.  It is easy for one member to climb or for the whole family to climb.

And did I mention Italian gelato rocks!!!

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