The Eiger, Mittellegi Ridge, Switzerland

June through August

One of the infamous names in world mountaineering that has captured the adventurous mind with images of daring, exposure and historic consequence. While not the highest peak in the Berner Oberland range of mountains it continues to dominate conversation and allure across the Alps and from our stance near the it’s base in Grindelwald, Switzerland.

While it’s North face will scare all but the most committed with it’s stories of suffering and objective danger we choose to climb one of the most aesthetic classic lines in all of the alps; the Mettiligi ridge. The journey from the town of Grindelwald will take 2 days and is one of the more multi faceted and adventurous alpine journeys one can make in the heart of the Alps.

We begin on the famous train that winds it’s way literally through the mountains of the Monch and Eiger and eventually ends on a high plateau beneath the beautiful Jungfreau mountain which we will see near the end of our journey. We alight from the train though in the midst of the mountain, open hidden doors and journey through icy tunnels by head lamp till we open a magical door that seems to have come straight from a Tolkien’s tale out onto the amazing glacier. We rope up, navigate crevasses and seracs and come to a rock face that we will need to climb and traverse to get to our nights rest; a whole adventure of its own.

With similar technical difficulties as the Matterhorn it has non of the crowds that you often find on the Hornli ridge; the Mettiligi hut that we summit from holds only 40 people.

We awake early to fresh baked bread, hot drinks, Muesli and Swiss cheer and as dawn fast approaches we are off on a fantastic ridge climb of fun, fun climbing sometimes with crampons sometimes not, breathtaking views down into the valley below, the north face chattering with constant rock fall to our right and the sunny Oberland cheering us on to our left. Solid rock and moderate technicalities make this so enjoyable all the way to the summit. Then, as always, we find we are half way there but not as always we find that the climbing and thrills continue as we head across and down the South ridge that, as an adventure of its own, gives us a massive day that will highlight any Alpinist’s memoirs.

Rapples, climbing, breathtaking views and finally down upon the glacier where we navigate on to the Jungfreaujock where we can rest, grab a beer or coffee before loading on the train that will take us back through these impressive mountains to the welcoming valley and such a celebration as only the climbers of the Eiger can enjoy.

Cost: 6 day prep and climb – $4000