The Matterhorn

July through August


The Matterhorn is possibly the most recognizable and iconic mountains in the world. Situated on the border between Switzerland and Italy this 14,688 foot mountain captures the imagination at first glance. First climbed in 1865 by Edward Wymper and party via Hornli Ridge, this beauty has a long rich history in the annals of mountain climbing. Our route follows the same line as the first ascent up the steep, exposed Hornli Ridge. Though the technical difficulty on the Matterhorn is quite moderate, this climb should not be taken lightly. From the hut to the summit there is more than 4000 feet of climbing, where speed and efficiency are essential to a safe return. It only requires 2 days to climb, but because of the nature of this objective we highly recommend a few days of acclimatization and training before the climb. This climb is only done on a 1 to 1 client/guide ratio.

Itinerary for 2 day climb

We meet at noon in Zermatt for a quick gear check. We will then catch the trams and continue on foot to the Hornli Hut where we will spend the night. We will have an early start on summit day. Our climb should take 4-5 hrs up and the same down. After a short rest at the hut we return to Zermatt.

Cost: $1,500

Itinerary for 6 day climb

The first four days of this trip will be spent climbing objectives that will prepare you for the difficulties encountered on the Matterhorn. Two of these nights will be spend in mountain huts, which will help you acclimate and set us up for our training climbs. The evening of the fourth day will be spent in town, where you can relax and prepare for our summit climb. Day’s five and six will follow the same itinerary as or two day climb.

Cost: $3,900

For a group of 2: $5,200