Plan a trip that inspires you for a year!

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We are filling spots for upcoming trips, and we want you to have an an absolutely amazing trip to look forward to. Skiing in Norway is spectacular! Here is a recent blog on our latest adventure in Norway skiing off a sailboat in the fjords outside of Tromso. We had a blast. The scenery was […]

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Norway was a blast!

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Skiing in Norway is Exhilerating! Two spots left on the Svalbard trip May 14th-21th!   email me: We had such a great time on this trip.  The group was really fun and bonded well.  We had spectacular corn skiing most days.  A rainy day stategically came in the middle of the trip giving us […]

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Kick turns, skins off, and a Norway ski adventure

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Be fast and efficient in the backcountry with these techniques! (See below) This is a ski trip not to miss!  Ski and Sail in Norway. April 16th -23rd in the Lyngen Alps, Norway May 14-21st in Svalbard, Norway We can take two groups of four to accommodate different fitness and skiing abilities! Learn more here! […]

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Ski with us!

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We love to ski.  We have some spots left on the Lyngen Alps, Norway trip in April and the Svalbard, Norway trip in May.  We are also keen to do a South America ski trip this September and an Antarctica ski trip this November! Not a skier, come trek with me in Nepal in November! Here […]

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Lyngen Alps, Norway – Island Hop with us!

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This is one of our all-time favorite adventures!  Nature is our medicine.  Play fills our souls!  Imagine looking back at your life from your death bed, what do you want to remember doing in this life!  Let this be one of your best memories. Two trip options: Lyngen Alps, Norway Ski & Sail – April […]

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Let’s play in 2018! Here is what we want to do with you!

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It’s time to design your adventure! Valdez, Alaska – 2 spots left March 19-23rd, 2018  March 20-25th – full We love this ski trip, and we do it every year.  Enjoy 3 days backcountry touring, 1-day helicopter skiing, and 1-day heli bump (single ride).  The mountains here are gorgeous!  One my best days ever skiing was in […]

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In The Company of Guides Adventures 2018! Come play with us.

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In The Company of Guides Adventures 2018 It’s time to plan something that will totally inspire you and fill your soul! We choose the company name of In The Company of Guides because when you are in our company, we care about you.  You are in good hands here.  Many of our clients have become […]

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Svalbard Ski and Sail Norway

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SVALBARD NORWAY SKI AND SAIL ROCKS!!! Hey Skiers!  I have to tell you about this trip.  This June had a blast guiding in Svalbard, Norway.  Svalbard is an island chain north of Norway on the Arctic Circle where the Polar Bears live.  We did not see Polar Bears, which is probably a good thing.  We […]

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The very best sunscreen for your health & Upcoming Ski Trips for you

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See below for upcoming trips!!! Hi Adventurers! Here is some things to aim for in life!  Eliminate toxins coming into your body – this means what you put on your skin, what you eat, the air you breath, and the stimulation auditory and visual in your life. Put in the highest quality stuff in!– on […]

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Ski touring gear checklist

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                      Don’t leave something important behind on your first tours in the mountains this season!  Here is a list of what I carry on a day of ski touring in the Wasatch. What to wear/carry for layers: non cotton base layers on the top and […]

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