Carstensz Pyramid

(16,024 ft, 4,884 m)


This is a grand adventure that takes us to one of the most remote regions of the world. Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak in the oceanic continent and one of the seven summits. This limestone massif rises out of a lush jungle. This expedition in West Papua a providence of Indonesia, is possible the most exotic of the seven summits, and a unforgettable adventure even for those not seeking the seven summits. It is located on the island of New Guinea, and is the highest peak between the Himalayas and the Andes, as well as, the highest island peak in the world. This peak was first climbed in 1926 on an expedition led by Heinrich Harrer an Austrian mountaineer.

We begin this trip in Bali, Indonesia a fun place to relax and celebrate on its beautiful beaches. From Bali, we take a commercial flight to Timeka on the West Papuan Island, and onto Sugapa.

The next five days are spent trekking in through the jungle most of which is above 10,000ft with unique and incredible scenery. On day five we arrive at our base camp situated by a high mountain lake and the 4000ft limestone walls.

Our route ascends the limestone face with the crux moves at 5.6 rock climbing up to the ridge where we will traverse the ridge, using a Tyrollean traverse on a fixed cable at one point, then continuing on snow and mixed terrain to the summit.

From the summit we can see the Freeport mine one of the world’s largest producers of gold and copper with private roads reaching very near. Though these roads are off limits to all but those who work there.

The morning after our summit we retrace our tracks back to Sugapa, continuing to Bali the next morning.

The price is $18,000 though exact cost should be confirmed as local prices change from time to time (heli, etc)


  • One night before and after trip in hotel in Bali
  • From Bali – Timika – Illaga roundtrip tickets and lodging
  • Food on expedition
  • International mountain guide and liability insurance
  • Local porters and cooks
  • Group gear

Does not include:

  • Extra nights in Bali
  • Tickets to Bali
  • Personal gear, food and incidentals in Bali
  • Travel insurance
  • International rescue insurance
  • Gratuities for guides and staff


Day 1:

Arrive in Bali, gear check, welcome dinner

Day 2:

Fly to Timeka, stay in hotel

Day 3:

Fly to Sugapa, walk to Swanggama village

Day 4:

Hike to camp 1

Day 5:

Hike to camp 2 , Inda taiga

Day 6:

Hike to camp 3, Ebai

Day 7:

Hike to camp 4, Nasidome

Day 8:

Hike to base camp

Day 9:

Summit day includes rock climbing, a traverse across snow on the summit ridge, and a tyrollean traverse

Day 10:

Base camp to Nasidome

Day 11:

Nasidome to Inda Tsiga

Day 12:

Inda Tsiga to Suanggama

Day 13:

Suanggama to Sugapa, fly to Nabire

Day 14:

Fly to Bali via Kaimana-Ambon-Makassar

Day 15–16:

Extra days for weather and delays (* It is important to be patient and not have expectations for things to happen in Papua exactly as you wish)


Dates available year-round, please inquire

*Helicopter service in and out of basecamp is a possibility though they are not always available. Please inquire.*

Carstensz Heli trip available this fall

6 day trip flying into and out of basecamp base camp

Cost – $21,000 for a 4 person trip, prices may fluctuate a bit depending on your timing.  Please inquire.


Todd Passey