ITCOG Adventures 2016!!!

In The Company of Guides 2016 Adventures!!!  When you are in our company you are in good hands!  We like to make life long friends with the people we play with in the mountains!  
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It’s time to design your ideal trip!!!

We are excited for another fun year of adventures around the globe.  People have been contacting us to design their dream trip and this is what is happening so far.  Check with us on availability for these trips or to create your own exploration!

Todd is in Valdez, Alaska now running two ski trips.  Our trips are 5 days.  One day Heli, one day heli bump (single ride to the top of a peak), and 3 days backcountry touring.

End of April is a Ski and Sail trip in Norway!  This trip is 7 days on the boat sailing up the Lynden fords sleeping and eating on the boat and hopping off to ski tour in a new spot each day.

We will do a few family camping, rock climbing and canyoneering trips in April and May.

Todd heads to Denali (Alpine Ascents ) in June to do a private trip on North America’s highest peak in Alaska.

Then to Chamonix for Mt. Blanc at the end of June!

July and August we are basing from home and can guide people rock climbing here in the Wasatch (through UMA) and up in the Tetons (through EXUM). Or you let us know where you want to go!!!

September we head to Kilimanjaro for a climb and safari!

October we go to to Nepal to trek and climb.  The whole family will go on this one!  Bodhi won’t be climbing just yet but he will cheer you on from the nearest camp!

November is likely back to Carstensz Pyramid but nothing set in stone so let us know what you want.    Perhaps a skiing trip in coastal Antarctica is calling your name.  It has been calling mine for a while!  Check out our website!

Life is inspiring and fly’s by way too fast.  So remember what is important to you?  What lights you on fire?  Don’t wait! The time is now!  Do what you love and the universe will align to support you.  Lean back and Trust!!!  Being outside is invigorating and replenishes the spirit!

I am running online wellness programs now too through my new business call Vibrant Health Evolution.  It is super fun and just makes so much sense.  If you want to feel better, be stronger, maximize your body and mind potential, heal your digestive track, prevent disease, sleep better, lower anxiety, up level your diet and nutrition, then please talk to me!!!  I have a great program for you!  It is 10 habits in 10 weeks!  Habits to guide you on a path of wellness and excellence!  Check out this webpage and please read what people have to say about their experience.

For Life’s sake!  Get out and PLAY!!!!  

Make your decision from a place of Love and you will not go astray!  

Let us know what you have been up to and what your plans are this year!

Lots of Love to you all!
Winslow, Todd and Bodhi Passey

Our partner Tim Connelly is based out of Chamonix and LaGrave France.  He is keen to climb and explore with you as well and is a lot of fun to hang out with!

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