Norway was a blast!

Skiing in Norway is Exhilerating!

Two spots left on the Svalbard trip May 14th-21th!  

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We had such a great time on this trip.  The group was really fun and bonded well.  We had spectacular corn skiing most days.  A rainy day stategically came in the middle of the trip giving us the opportunity to hang out in a small village and go to a traditional Norwegian sauna.

I can’t tell you how much I love this adventure.  There is something so healing about being near the ocean and the mountains.  Here are some of the comments I heard from folks, “I don’t think I have ever been this relaxed.”, and  “This is exactly what I needed.”

People said there favorite parts of the trip where the people, and skiing down gorgeous snowy peaks straight down to the ocean.  You get the feeling like you could just ski straight down into the water.  It is breath taking.  And the skiing was so fun!

One day we explored a tunnel under the snow that leads up into a radio tower.  Centrally perched we had amazing views 360 degrees.

Diving into the arctic waters after a long day of skiing was exhilerating.  We emerged to the sun warming our bodies on the deck feeling alive.

The food was delicious and the crew is a blast!  We love hearing there stories of sailing the Sky Dancer around the arctic and plans to head to the Bahamas this year.


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