Plan a trip that inspires you for a year!

We are filling spots for upcoming trips, and we want you to have an an absolutely amazing trip to look forward to.

Skiing in Norway is spectacular!

Here is a recent blog on our latest adventure in Norway skiing off a sailboat in the fjords outside of Tromso. We had a blast. The scenery was breathtaking and we had perfect corn skiing and great company.


Adventures 2018-2019

Are you living this life to the fullest? Are you challenging yourself? Are you doing what you love? Are you making time for play?

There is a magic that happens when we do something extraordinary! It makes us feel alive, uplifts the soul, and awakens our creativity. It rejuvenates the whole being. Let bliss lead the way. In the yoga philosophy, we learn that if we do what we love, then it will lead us to our Dharma (our path).

Don’t wait too long, now is the time to plan something that sounds so fun that you are excited all year to train and get ready for it. Something that makes you smile every time you think of it. Something that makes your work meaningful as you see the reward that is to come.

We want to help you find/create you special adventure. Here are some ideas:

1. Yoga & trekking adventure in Nepal

Note:  (this years trip is slightly different than the schedule here as we are taking a helicopter out so that the trip can be shorter making it closer to a 15 day trip).

Join me the first 2 weeks of November for this trip. I have 3 itineraries planned. I am letting members tell me what is the most appealing. Everest Base Camp trek, Langtang trek, or trekking to Gokyo Lakes and Renjo-la pass for views of Everest. First people signed up get a voice. We will choose soon! I have been to Nepal 10 times now and keep being called back to this spectacular spot. The people, the mountains, and culture will open your heart and mind.


2. Africa – Mt Kenya or Kilimanjaro –
Mt Kenya is a high altitude technical rock climb 5.8 (2-1 ratio). Todd has guided this several times and loves this adventure.
Kilimanjaro is a high altitude hike. Bring a group and touch Africa’s highest point. Possible times are September-December. Plan your trip today. Safari included.


3. Ski South America
September – We have been wanting to explore this area for years. Let’s go play!
After guiding on Aconcagua and spending time in Chile and Patagonia, my soul feels drawn to the southern peaks. Explore with us 2018 or 2019. Lodge based touring, lift access, and heli options are available.


4. Ski Antarctica
November, sign up soon for 2018 or 2019. Best if you have a group of 3-4 people of similar abilities and desires. Rally your friends. Again, like Norway, you are skiing from the sky to the sea! Loads of wildlife can be seen on this trip too!

Top Travel Tips:

1. Bring a yoga mat.
Seriously. I was so glad that I had it while traveling. Anytime I was in the airport with several hours of time waiting, I would find a quite corner or sunny place and put down my mat. It was like a sacred spot was born right before my eyes. I did yoga, my 7 minute high intensity workout, and meditated. I got 4 session in airports this go round.

You are going to have to let go of worrying about what other people think in order to do this. Who cares? We are not here on this planet to stay shy and hiding in our shells! Bust out of there and be vibrant in this world. Note: I do carry wet wipes and deodorant in my carry on as well as a change of clothes.

In addition, I did yoga and meditation on the boat in the cool morning air watching as feeling the sunrise as it cast it’s shining light over glimmering on the ocean’s water. Trust me. Take your mat, carry it with you, and use it! Yoga is something everyone can do. It gives you great freedom in your body! Get it going!

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2. Take Triphala, Beet powder, and Green powder
Triphala is a Ayurveda herb that is great as a daily vitamin for keeping you healthy. It is a mild laxative to but can be taken every day. It comes in a powder or pills. I do the powder and mix it with the beet powder and green powder. I drink this every morning after my 2-3 glasses of water. It is a great way to keep you regular and loaded with vitamins and nutrients while traveling.

3. Noise canceling headphones – these are amazing on the plane and in the airport.

4. Keep good routines
Stick with a morning routine, a good sleep schedule and healthy eating. If you leave your vacation feeling toxic, sleep deprived, and exhausted then you need a vacation from your vacation and you are likely taking years off your life. Keep a good morning routine with water, movement, and mediation. These are things you can do anywhere. Get good sleep – you will feel better and be able to play better too! Eat well
Your body will thank you and no one wants 10 extra lbs to deal with when you get home.

5. Relax
Stay away from the news and work, be present, and enjoy it all. Let go of any resistance and see the beauty that is born in front of your eyes. If things go wrong, feel it, let it all move through you, trust that peace is only a breath away. Everything is a gift.

Please let me know what you are up to this year! And share your travel tips too!

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