French, Swiss and Italian Alps

Rock climbing June through August

What an incredible ease of access we have in the Alps for long rock routes with out any of the long approaches and backcountry camping that is usually associated with it in other parts of the world.

A typical day could consist of waking in Chamonix, an hour drive or 15 minute walk to a telepherique, a short hike through alpine meadows or across breathtaking glaciers to a 5 to 15 pitch rock climb on to die for Granite or superstar Limestone. There are grades for everyone from beginners to experts and with our knowledge of the areas we can bring you to spots that will entice, inspire and thrill.

Barbarine, Machaby, Aig Rouge and Aig Chamonix, Mirroir d’Argentine, Col de Columbiere and the magical Envers are some of the areas we like to go to but when weather or needs dictate we love to travel farther afield and we find ourselves in places such as Finale lugere, The Dolomites, the Ecrin range; there are soo many places that a little private transportation makes so easy to get to. Imagination is the only limitation!!