Red Rocks, Nevada

Multi pitch rock climbing, spring and fall

Only minutes from Las Vegas, Red Rocks is an oasis of wilderness and adventure among the conveniences of the city. The climbing in Red Rocks is world class, and one of the few places in the lower 48 offering grade IV rock climbs.

We really enjoy climbing in Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area because you can get so much done and have such a great time doing it. The climbing is on sandstone and quite varied depending on what route you choose to climb. Often desert sandstone is all about climbing cracks, but Red Rocks is different in that the faces are quite featured delivering some very enjoyable climbing.

Red Rocks is home to three climbs featured in the book Fifty Classic Climbs of North America; Epinephrine, Crimson Chrysalis and Prince of Darkness and many more that are of the same caliber. We have spent a ton of time in this area and we are always excited to return.

We can organize full and half day climbs for as many days as your arms and fingertips can handle.

Rates: $300 1:1, $235 2:1 Grade IV 1:1 $350, 2:1 $275

Rock Climbing & Yoga Adventure


We will spend 3 days camping in the beautiful desert landscape of Red Rocks Canyon climbing and doing yoga daily. Uniting yoga and rock climbing in this serene setting is an adventure not to be missed! There will be instruction in climbing techniques and skills such as belaying, rappelling, building anchors, self rescue and multi-pitch climbing. We will enjoy yoga and use the principles of breathing and alignment practiced in yoga to improve our rock climbing skills.

This trip is created and lead by Winslow Passey. Winslow has been guiding for 12 years, and has found yoga to be an integral part of staying healthy and strong in the mountains, and she is passionate about sharing yoga and rock climbing with others. Winslow has worked through the AMGA certification program having completed the Ski Mountaineering certification and the first of the Rock and Alpine courses.

Winslow is a certified Yoga Instructor through Satpa Yoga 200hr Teacher Training Course under the direct supervision of the renown yogi Dr. Sushil Bhattacharya, founder/director of Sapta Yoga International, Kathmandu, Nepal. Winslow is also practiced in Anusara yoga participating this spring in the 200hr Teacher Immersion training in Salt Lake City from Adam Ballinger at Kula Studio.

Yoga is a powerful practice that enhances every aspect of our lives physically and mentally. Yoga means “yoke” or to “unite” the body, mind and spirit in a way that brings us strength and calmness. The strength supports us in all of our daily activities bringing greater ease and enjoyment in life. Increasing ones flexibility helps prevent injury and allows for a freedom of movement that is very helpful in rock climbing. The union of the mind and spirit creates a profound transformation that helps transcends the ego giving us a clarity and peace of mind.

Rock Climbing is an adventurous and dynamic sport that requires balance, focus, and strength. It often challenges our fears and requires determination and problem solving to overcome difficulties. It allows us to play and explore in a beautiful serene mountain environment while enjoying a connection to nature. It is an exhilarating feeling to climb up these stunning rock formations.

Yoga and Rock Climbing compliment each other perfectly encouraging a union of the mind and body to increase our focus, strength, balance, and flexibility in a way that allows us to open to greater possibilities on the rock and in life.

RATES: $1050 1:1, $750/person 2:1, $600/person 3:1

In Red Rocks we work with Certified Guides Coop,  Jackson Hole Mountain Guides or Exum Mountain Guides, permit holders for Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area in order to offer private custom guiding.