Ski Japan!!!

Japan and Utah have something in common!  Amazing powder!   Come join us for the fun, exploration and endless powder that floods this beautiful mountainous area!  We are looking at Niseko and Hakuba for areas to ski.

Possible Destinations
  • Hokkaido   90 mins flight from Tokyo
    • Niseko   Maybe the most famous area. And it’s wide. Ski resorts are getting occupied by Ausies but there are lots of back country routes. Side country is also available. You can expect almost everyday fresh powder. The terrain is not very steep and everyone can enjoy. There are wide range of accommodation and restaurant. Must go.
    • Furano   Generally speaking it’s colder and dryer than that of Niseko. So people call the snow feather. It’s better to visit Furano after mid-January, as there might be less snow. No ski lift.
    • Asahidake   There are a ski resort with only one tram. Good for side country and if weather allows, you can go to the highest mountain in Hokkaido, Asahidake on skins.
    • Sapporo/Kiroro   Relatively close to cities, Sapporo or Otaru. There are ski resorts called Sapporo Kokusai and Kiroro which will be the base. There are also good lines from less steep to steep.
  • Honshu   Main island. The terrain and snow hazard is more severe than that of Hokkaido. Thus guiding is more technical generally.
    • Hakuba  I guess this is also famous. It’s located in Nagano prefecture, 90 mins of Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo and one hour driving. There are six ski resorts and alpine mountains above. If you are lucky, you can easily get 2000m decent with only 30 mins walk.
    • Myoko   It’s getting popular now. It’s in Niigata prefecture also one hour driving Nagano station of Shinkansen. There are three ski resorts and side country is available. Around 20 mins driving there is good back country area within 1000m vertically skinning up.
    • Nozawa   This is very cozy and pretty village with lots of onsen. It’s a big ski resorts with so many runs and side country is good. It’s located in Nagano prefecture but very close to Niigata.
    • Shirakawa-go   You may have seen sweet grass movie from Patagonia last year. It’s Unesco’s world heritage village with Gassho-zukuri traditional houses. There is no ski resort but back country is awesome if you can visit in January. It’s in Gifu prefecture. Only negative factor is a bit far but possible to combine with other destination.

Guide fee for 7 days:

1 person – $6900

2 people – $3500/person

3 people – $2500/person

4 people – $2000/person

You are responsible for all other expenses though we can do all the bookings for rooms and travel to the area.


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