Antarctic Peninsula

Come ski, snowboard, or trek in the beautiful coastal mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula. We will take the Clipper Adventure expedition ship which has the capacity for 120 passengers from Ushuaia, Argentina sailing past the Cape Horn and across the Drake Passage. This is an opportunity for true Antarctic exploration as you travel to glacier covered peaks never touched by man. We will take small zodiac boats daily onto the shores to explore and play. There are many animals inhabiting the shores such as minke whales, black-browed albatross, snow petrels, penguins, and seals. We will learn history, biology, geology, and politics of this unique continent.

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Valdez Alaska is a famous ski destination, that brings to mind the huge lines skied in ski films from Warren Miller to TGR. This stunning range rises steeply from the port of Valdez to summits more than 6000’ feet above. The snow in Valdez is unique in that it is dense enough to stick to the mountain making it possible to ski much steeper lines than is often possible in other popular ski destinations.
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La Grave

La Grave. Tucked away in the Haute Alpes region of France it has been talked about for years in hushed tones reserved for talk of secret stashes of mystical powder and steep couliors. It is truly an accessible place in this skiing world that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.
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Haute Route

This classic ski traverse begins below Mont Blanc in the beautiful Chamonix Valley. Traveling through the heart of the Alps, each day we are treated to spectacular scenery and great skiing, ascending high mountain passes and crossing beautiful glaciers.
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Ortler Tour

The Ortler traverse is in an area between Austria and Italy that still holds artifacts of the territorial struggle there in the first world war. Ancient cannons and strings of barbed wire poke out of the snow and ice on top of windswept ridges and make one wonder at the hard work that went on here and how it contrasts so much with the new and impermanent tracks of fun that we are currently making in this terrain.
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Utah’s Wasatch mountains are home to world-class skiing and “the greatest snow on earth”. Only minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, the convenience of flying in and being on your skis within an hour can’t be beaten.
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Lyngen Alps,Norway Ski & Sail

Come travel on a beautiful sailboat with us in the Lyngen Alps area of Norway.  We have had great success finding the hidden jewels and couloir skiing here.  Ski all day and then relax on the boat at night enjoying the gorgeous mountains, good food, and celebrations.  There is nothing more rejuvenating and uplifting than being in nature of this kind and doing what you love!  This is a trip of a lifetime.  We will have such a blast.  Definitely good for the soul!

Svalbard, Norway Ski & Sail 

What a treat to play in this area at the top of our planet.  We saw loads of wildlife, had great skiing adventures, and could hardly sleep with the stunning views all around 24 hr a day!  You will love this trip!