Ortler Tour

March through April

The Ortler traverse is in an area between Austria and Italy that still holds artifacts of the territorial struggle there in the first world war. Ancient cannons and strings of barbed wire poke out of the snow and ice on top of wind swept ridges and make one wonder at the hard work that went on here and how it contrasts so much with the new and impermanent tracks of fun that we are currently making in this terrain.

A range of fantastic peaks with awesome relief that one can access from fully furnished huts with hot showers and fine, fine Italian cuisine. Less of a day to day tour and more of a moving base camp that we can return to our favorite areas and pick our next day objective while skiing right next door to it without the stress of ‘having to get the next hut’ as many point A to point B tours can be.

There are excursions up many peaks and loop tours that can take in many or the same aspects depending on the groups wants and where the good snow can be found. Long glaciated runs, steep couloirs and a whole myriad of skiing adventures can be found in the magical Ortler range.

We plan on a 7 day traverse through the range staying each night in huts. We will begin and end in Bormio an easy ski town to get and an excellent place to end at with Roman baths and excellent restaurants. Small ratios (maximum of 4:1, guests to guide) give us flexibility to arrange itineraries and goals to suit everybody of all abilities.

Price approximation: $2900

Contact us for an Alpine ski tour that you will be raving about for years to come.