Ski & Sail the Lyngen Alps in Norway

Sail in the fjords of Norway to untouched powder! Svalbard is north of Norway in the Arctic circle.  Both trips are in the same boat, and both are full of adventure.  We will head north in the spring to the enchanted fjords of Norway.  In June it is time for the Svalbard journey.

It is so remote and beautiful in these areas.  We will chart a sailboat to sleep on and eat deliciously prepared meals.  The days are long and the skiing is adventurous.  The majestic mountains rise straight up from the sea lifting our souls to a new level with their austere beauty.  There is a variety of terrain options.  This trip is 7 days out on the boat enjoying the mountains.  There is a deep connection to nature here as the sailboat is quiet and gets you close to the mountains and wildlife.

All tours will be planned according to where we get the best conditions for skiing.  The Norway trip is in the Lofoten region. Lofoten is a historical place with several villages where the fishermen carry on the long tradition of Lofotfiske (cod fishing). You also can find 5000-year-old caves, traces from the Sami and the Vikings, who also sailed these seas and lived here. Depending on the destination and current weather conditions, we will start the day with a good breakfast, organize our equipment and get ready to chase the powder. Most of the peaks are between 2200-3500′ range.


Norway – Lyngen Alps

Dates: April 15th-22nd, 2019

Cost:  $5000



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Winslow 206-920-7849




We will start at the beach, and we will use approx. 6-8 hours round trip. We´ll enjoy the stunning views and the days in the mountains. When we are back down to the boat again, it’s time for dinner, chilling, fishing, sailing and especially plan the next day’s destination.