Svalbard is a group of islands north of the Arctic Circle.  This is one of the most remote exotic ski mountaineering objectives on this planet.  Spitsbergen is the only occupied island in the group.  You will be so close to nature and adventure in this magnificent setting where the peaks rise straight out of the ocean.  The beauty is unsurpassed.  As it is the home of Polar Bears we will ski with a gun.  We do not intend to shoot a bear.  We have a clear view from the boat of the terrain we access each day and we plan to not ski with the bears.  The 73′ sailboat is dreamy and offers a sense of freedom amount these majestic peaks.


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Photos from Northern Alpine Guides who we co-operate with on this trip.  


Dates:  May 14th-21st, 2018 on the boat sailing & skiing, 2019 dates will likely be May 20-27th.

Cost:  $6000

Number of people:  4


Phone:  Todd 801-842-8398, Winslow 206-920-7849

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