Valdez, Alaska

Backcountry / Heli Ski Combo  – March

Valdez Alaska is a famous ski destination, that brings to mind the huge lines skied in ski films from Warren Miller to TGR. This stunning range rises steeply from the port of Valdez to summits more than 6000’ feet above. The snow in Valdez is unique in that it is dense enough to stick to the mountain making it possible to ski much steeper lines than is often possible in other popular ski destinations. But skiing in Valdez is not only about the steep lines, it is also about the incredible beauty and vast ski terrain easily accessible from the road at Thompson Pass. The terrain is not all steep and gnarly, there is plenty of terrain to fit the desire of fit skiers advanced intermediate to expert skiers.

We have spent months at a time skiing in this area, doing a different exciting tour each day. Only a short drive from town we can enjoy the comforts of civilization each evening and skiing in the vastness of Alaska every day!


NOTE:  We are also looking at other ski options in Alaska, please inquire!

5 Day Backcountry and Heli-Ski Combo

We have designed a 5-day program that will give you the full Valdez experience. We will do three days of backcountry touring, One “heli bump” day (one ride on a helicopter to get us started, and then spend the rest of the day skiing and touring our way back to the road) and one full day of heli-skiing. We will keep the Order of these days flexible based on weather and ski conditions.

$4000 per person

Price includes:
All guide fees, One full day Heliskiing, One heli bump, All Transportation in Valdez, Permit fees, Insurance.

Price does not Include:
Food and Lodging, Transportation to Valdez.

This is a sample itinerary, we can accommodate any combination or group size. We are happy to arrange accommodations as well. Contact us and explore the possibilities!

For our helicopter service, we will be working with Valdez Heli-Ski Guides