The very best sunscreen for your health & Upcoming Ski Trips for you

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See below for upcoming trips!!!

Hi Adventurers!

Here is some things to aim for in life!

  1.  Eliminate toxins coming into your body – this means what you put on your skin, what you eat, the air you breath, and the stimulation auditory and visual in your life.
  2. Put in the highest quality stuff in!– on your skin, in your mouth, with your breath, and in your ears and eyes, and in your mind, and with your adventures!

When we do this we give ourselves the best in life!  This means we feel great and we can do more of what we love to do.  We can be around longer to play with the people that we love!  Taking care of this one body that you have in this lifetime is so valuable!   You are totally worth it!  Here is one of the tips I have for you in this realm.

Put only things directly from the earth that are not synthetic, chemical or produced in a lab on your skin.

Here is what I use when I go into the mountains for me and my family:

  1.  Zinc – occurs naturally in the body already, in fact it is good for us, it is used to prevent colds and boost the immune system.  It is, however, white and hard to spread on well.
  2. Sesame oil  – moisturizes your skin which helps keep your lymph system working well, it has naturally sunscreen properties, it gets into every nook and cranny and kills anything foreign with its antibacterial, antiviral properties, and it helps the zinc go on smoothly.


Badger is a great brand.  It has non-nano uncoated Zinc oxide 22.5%.  This means the zinc particles are bigger and stay on the surface of the skin better.

All Good Stick is fast and easy and has 20% non – nano particle zinc.

Then I use a squirt (little green bootle) of Sesame Oil after to rub it in.  



Read more about using oils here on this blog called:

6 Tips to Eliminate Colds Here!

Are you Adventurous?  Todd Passey, ITCOG guide/owner and my husband is!  He is joining my next Higher Health course.  If you want a guide in your Health Journey to feel great and be your best then check this out!

Mountain Guide Meets Ayurveda  – watch this vulnerable interview with Todd and follow his journey!!!

Higher Health Course

Upcoming Trips for you!!!!

Valdez is happening again in March!!! This is a super fun trip that combines hell skiing and backcountry skiing in some of Alaska’s beautiful mountains.  We keep coming back because it is so spectacular.

Norway Ski & Sail   April 24th- May 1st

Only 4 spots left

This is so amazing living and sailing on this 72’custom boat through the fords of Norway.

Svalbard Ski & Sail – June 2-9th

Only 2 spots left

Svalbard is further north in the Arctic.  This is a trip of a lifetime to explore, play and ski in this remote area.  Inquire for more information!


Design your own adventure!!!

There is nothing we love better than to help you dream of your favorite trip and make it happen with you!  What do you love?  Let’s play!!!

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